Attached is information about the upcoming grade 3 field trip. There is an English, Korean and Chinese version. Please note that we will be going on the metro and are looking for parent volunteers to help. Please let me know if you have any questions or are able to help on the day.

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PE Update and Welcome Back!

PE Update and Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Karen and I hope that you have enjoyed your holiday. This week we have once again looked at the 5 fitness tests as part of our year-long unit and assessment on health related fitness. We have enclosed a pdf of the actual test sheet that your child has worked through this week – talk to them about whether or not they are warm, warmer, hot or on FIRE!

Our next unit is Movement Composition and students will use the terminology of ROTATIONS, TRAVEL, BALANCE, and JUMP to describe and label their movements. This unit covers a mixture of gymnastic type movements such as rolls, balances, leaps, and gallops etc and then adapting/modifying them into a small routine. Within Grade 3 we will be focusing on the aesthetics and function of each movement as well as connecting between different movement – which in child-speak is about making our moves and transitions clean, tidy, and smooth.

Just a reminder that students from G3-G5 are required to the PE uniform during these sessions. Time will be given before and after each session in order to get changed. After Chinese New Year students who do not have PE uniform will be lent an old sports uniform for the PE session and an email will be sent home informing you of this. PE uniforms are available at Dragonwear in the school foyer. We have attached the letter sent last year in English, Korean, and Chinese addressing this matter.

As always both Karen and I encourage families to talk about PE at home and we welcome any feedback, questions, clarifications that you may have as a result of your child’s PE sessions.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng

The last Art update for 2018

The last Art update for 2018

Grade 3 artists were delighted when their painting display was revealed to them in the last week before the Winter Break. It is a beautiful sight to behold and takes up an entire wall in our Art Foyer. Enjoy stopping by to admire the special paintings our Grade 3 artists created after the Winter Break.

Grade 3 have also begun to learn all about ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ by exploring toys and toy design for our next unit of inquiry in Art. Students will be breaking tasks into steps and learning how to use the design process to create successful artworks, in this case – a movable toy!

This does mean Grade 3 have important Art homework over this Winter Break *Grade 3 artists need to play with toys that move!* Please encourage your child to play with a range of physical toys and discuss any toys (past or present) you like with them. They will be designing a toy and creating their design when they return from Winter Break.

Enjoy the break Grade 3 artists! See you in 2019 🙂

ESL homework this week

ESL homework this week

Homework for Phase 1 ESL

We have been looking at past tense verbs in our ESL class this week.

You have already worked with these words choosing the correct past tense verbs to fit the sentence in class.

Your homework is to:

1.Read the sentences on the sheet, take notice of the past tense verbs.

  1. write different sentences using the same past tense verbs- see lined paper attached for your writing.
  2. Don’t forget to put your name on your work.

I will give you your homework on Friday.


These fabulous paintings are coming soon!

These fabulous paintings are coming soon!

Congratulations Grade 3 artists on completing your thoughtful and realistic special object canvas paintings!

NOTE: We will place another update on this blog to let you know where to view these beautiful creations soon.

Thanks to all our young artists for working hard to create an original painting from a real-life object you chose and photographed. Painting is a great challenge and painting an object so it appears to be 3D adds another level of difficulty. It was great to see you persist when you struggled and learn to make great choices with painting tools, techniques and processes.

IDEA: We hope you take the time to look at these artworks with your child and discuss the artistic decisions made and the reasons behind these choices in your mother tongue. You could also ask the artist what they did to solve the challenges they encountered.

And yes, the good news is these artworks will get to go home after they have been displayed.

Well done 3LR!




This week we finished off our ‘Who We Are’ unit, where students created a grade 3 appropriate resource about a body system. The students did a great job researching information and thinking about ways to display their findings. We ended up with some really great information books and posters. All of the students have done an awesome job, and they have learned a lot in the process.

On Wednesday afternoon, grade 3 ‘Tuned In’ to the next unit. There were different stations, where students explored and discussed what they were discovering. They smelled different spices, played musical instruments, played board games, felt different cooking ingredients, looked at art and patterns, photos and artifacts. We will be discussing what the students think we might be inquiring into over the next few days, and unpacking key vocabulary.

For math, we have been looking at fractions and division. We have been writing and visualizing fractions and division in different ways, as well as relating fractions and decimals to every day situations. Writing, drawing, visualizing, sorting and dividing really help students to fully understand the concept of fractions.

Homework is also due on Monday, please to to remember.

Have a great weekend.




As we near the end of this unit we are taking all of the skills that we have inquired into for soccer and basket/benchball and using them within a game context. This has been a great experience for everyone because they have participated in a formal tournament type structure that encourages teamwork, perseverance, and camaraderie.

Another really important feature of the tournament is the process of team selections. We asked the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in each of the 2 games and together we created even teams. Having the students make decisions based upon their perceptions of their skill level proved to be a positive experience for the students. Have a talk to your child about how their tournament went.

Here is a selection of some feedback that we received.

I like the way how we helped each other.

I felt happy that our team was cooperate.

I felt caught a ball was too hard.

I liked that we won 3 times and got 16 points.

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