My Bridging Week Reflection: Week 37

My Bridging Week Reflection: Week 37

This week at school we had our Bridging Week, and our graduation. It has been a very exciting week and I will show you why.

First I want to share to you some information about my Bridging Week, each class had a different day for their Bridging Week, our’s was on Thursday. I was expecting it to be a very interesting day, and to have participated in a lot of the events. Some of my questions that were answered during Bridging Day was what we need to do to transition into classes, I learned that you need to try to not talk too much because that can waste your time when moving to classes.

I do not have many questions that were unanswered, I’d say that the only question that was unanswered was what we will do in the other classes. Some of my positive observations during Bridging Day was how you could actually do much more than you thought you could, like how you can play tag at break.

Bridging Week could have went better by having the same partner when we wrote the email to one of the grade 6 students.

This week we also had our own graduation which was very exciting, we were able to show our parents most of our learning. Sadly I couldn’t get one of my pieces of work working, although I was still able to show the rest of my work. We then had an assembly where we got our graduation certificates, we also did a very fun dance.

This week is very exciting and I was not able to get lots of sleep, but it was worth it so I hope you enjoy your own graduation. Have a great weekend!!

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

What Is Your Legacy? Week 35

This week we got loads of work poured on us, we now have to work on our Celebration of Learning which will be presented to our parents very soon. Graduation is coming up and the end of the year is coming up, I am very nervous and excited.

The Celebration of Learning will be on the same day as graduation, we are all preparing for the graduation in different ways. On the day we will show our experiences of learning through a piece of paper, we have all worked on the paper for a long time we are excited to show it. We will also show to pieces of our writing which is poetry and a free choice piece of writing. We will also show our mindfulness explanations, I still do not understand it too much but it will be ready.

Graduation means moving on from where you are now, it is like a very big jump to an unknown city. Graduation will be very exciting because I have been in SSIS for nine years, I am very proud of myself.

I have a song recommendation for moving on, you can search the song up if you want. My song choice is Memories by Maroon 5, I like the song a lot I hope you do.

thank you for keeping up with all my posts on my blog enjoy the rest of your week, and enjoy your next.

Thinking About Changing Week 34

Thinking About Changing Week 34

This week we had lots of things that connected to last week, and I want to share them with you. I hope you enjoy the post remember I post every week, so stay updated.

Last week we made a game about fractions, the class next door was able to test them and give us feedback. Jayden was the person I collaborated with on the game, most of the feedback was really good. Most of them were about bugs in the game and things we had to fix, one of the pieces of feedback was good because it offered some advice.

This week we also had some Chinese tests, on the first day of the tests it was really hard. The first day’s test was reading, it was very difficult because you do not get any pin yin although I was able to complete the test. The next test was for writing we had many different options for that test, the options were: all about my family, a letter to my friend, and all about China.

I have had many changes in my learning, such as: my vocabulary, my writing skills, and my maths skills. I think I will find much more improvements in my learning as I go on.

Thank you for keeping up with my blog it has been a brilliant week, and I hope that the next is even better.

A Month of Old / New G5

A Month of Old / New G5

This week was very exciting, and I really enjoyed it. We got lots more challenges to come next week, here is my reflection for the week.

This week we were learning a bit more about poetry, we were listening to some Dr Seuss books that I picked out for the class. This week the Dr Seuss book that we read about was All The Places You’ll Go, then we listened to a rap version of the book. That’s when we got a challenge to create a poem and perform it as a rap, right now I am working with Lucas and Jayden on it.

We were also learning about Rube Goldberg / the Rube Goldberg machine, Rube Goldberg was a famous cartoonist. Some of his cartoons showed some wacky inventions that he imagined, later on, people started to try to create the inventions. We are now creating a Rube Goldberg creation of our own, our Rube Goldberg machine should be able to capture a LEGO dinosaur using a basket.

This week everyone was very happy because people were allowed to take off their masks whenever they want, but only on school grounds. Everyone was very happy when the rule was applied.

As you know from the text it was a very exciting week, so if you are listening next week I am ready to take you on.

The Re-opening of G5: Week 30

The Re-opening of G5: Week 30

This week has been a brilliant week, we finally after 12 whole weeks got back to school. We were all able to see our friends.

When I went back to school I was so HAPPY because I was able to see all my friends, I was a bit worried although and a bit shy.

On Tuesday this week we had our first ever coding lesson as a class, our teacher was Ms Melinda. We all read together about a book called how to code a sand castle.

On Thursday this week we learned about static electricity, we all got a balloon and some different materials we had to try to pick them up using static electricity.

This week I also got assigned to do an important job with some of my friends, we have to make a video about safety for grade 3 and under. So far we have got most of the scripts done, hopefully we will have the video done by next week.

In conclusion it was an awesome week for all of us, I am very excited for the next week.

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