Art: Bye Unit 2, Hello Unit 3!

Art: Bye Unit 2, Hello Unit 3!

Perfect for Spring, our grade 2 still life artworks are now on display outside BS101! Check them out next time you’re in at school. You may have seen some of these beautiful works come home too. Since we could only fit one artwork from each artist in the display the other masterpieces got to go straight home for your enjoyment.

All students improved their observational and time-management skills, as well as developed their drawing and painting technical skills. These are skills which really grow more when they are practiced regularly so please encourage your young artist to draw the world around them whenever they have the opportunity to. And remember, like Anna Valdez taught us, details like patterns, shadows, accurate shapes really make a fabulous difference.

Most recently we have been having a lot of fun tuning into the variety of tools you can use for the art form known broadly as ‘printmaking’, including real fish! Yes, Gyotaku has been part of our investigation so far, along with bubble wrap, sponges, stamps and many other tools.

Our new unit – How We Express Ourselves – investigates the idea that ‘imagination can take many forms’.

We will be studying Surrealism for this unit and encouraging our students to talk about their dreams (had at night or imagined in day time) and try automatism (drawing with thinking).

To help with this unit, please take time at home to share your dreams and give your child the chance to doodle.

  • Perhaps keep a notepad and pencil by the bed for drawing or writing down a record of their dreams as soon as your young artist wakes.
  • Keep a notepad and pencil in the living area so that your artist may draw without thinking (doodle) whilst talking with others, watching tv etc.
Science Fair: Keynote Parent Presentation

Science Fair: Keynote Parent Presentation

The Grade 2 students and teachers are looking forward to sharing their Science learning with you tomorrow!

Dates: Tuesday 19th March

Times: 14:15pm- Parent Information Session in the MEDIA CENTER (new venue)

14:30-15:25 Science Fair

Venue: Grade 2 classrooms and corridor

Please find a copy of the Parent Information Keynote here for you to review at your convenience.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Buglya

Grade 2 KEYNOTE HWW(1) ENG CHN KOR-1hds943

Sports Day is coming soon!!!!

Sports Day is coming soon!!!!

March 29th is the Grade 1 to 5 sports day, we will begin preparing students for this during PE class over the next 3 weeks – some classes have already started.

The focus of this day is Healthy Competition.

Using the PSPE framework of Identity, Active Living, and Interactions we can explain the day like this –

§  Students will identify within their house group whilst competing in Active athletic events of entailing Running, jumping, and throwing, all the while Interacting and participating within the whole sports day.

One thing we would like to establish with all students is that whilst we can’t all be Usain Bolt we can all improve our speed by focusing on our technique. Attached to this blog post are some very broad tips for running faster – we will be exploring these more in class during the next few weeks.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng

Positive Attributes and Affirmations

Positive Attributes and Affirmations

During PSPE time we reflected on our personal attributes. After that we wrote some personal, positive attributes down. Then we gave our paper to others who added to the list. I was so impressed by the way the group took on this task in a caring and thoughtful way.

Art news: Anna Valdez emailed us!

Art news: Anna Valdez emailed us!

We have studied two American artists in our current art unit, Georgia O’Keeffe and Anna Valdez.


This past Monday, I invited my Grade 2 Art class to come up with questions for her and I said I would email them to her in case she had time to offer us a response. Ahan was the thinker who came up with a great question and guess what?! Anna Valdez emailed us back!


If you would like to see more of her still life artworks or do some inquiring outside of Art lesson time, Anna’s website is:

Enjoy reading Anna’s answer below…

She also shared some photos of a recent workshop she ran and I’ll be sharing these with students in class.


Great things happen when you reach out to people sometimes.


Now let’s make sure we use her great advice and rest assured, I am happy to email her more questions.

Art inspired by life

Art inspired by life

Grade 2 artists have had an exciting end to the Year of the Dog – they’ve been studying colour theory and the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe and connecting these to realistic still life art in our second art unit, ‘How We Organise Ourselves’.
Students have created large, brightly coloured flower paintings using their knowledge of complementary and analogous colours and working from a real photo of their chosen flower.
Now our young artists have begun work on a second art piece – a small, colour pencil drawing of several items they select and arrange (or compose). Students are attempting to use the rule of thirds in their composition so turn on the ‘grid lines’ on your camera, phone or ipad and let your artist show you what they know.
Plus, as always, please take time to ask your young artist what they’re doing in Art class and how they feel about it. Reflection through discussion is a great opportunity to recall, revise and be thankful for our progress.
May you all have a wonderful break! And do let me know if you get the chance to see or make any drawings or paintings over the holidays. Our Art action wall would love some new additions.
Xin nian kuai le!
🙂 Ms Kendal
Speaking and Listening in ESL

Speaking and Listening in ESL

We have been working hard on speaking and listening using our vocabulary around shapes and position words.

Today we played a listening game. Team A had to create a design out of shapes. Team B had to reproduce the design by following the directions given from team A. No peaking! The students really had fun practicing their vocabulary words.

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