We Invite You

We Invite You

2KM& 2EK

Dear Parents,

We are just past the half way mark with our swimming sessions for G1,2,3, and 4.

Our intention at this stage is that your child is becoming more aware of their

–       Strengths and weaknesses within the water

–       Progress thus far within the 3 strokes and survival skills

–       Specific areas that they need to improve in within the 3 strokes

We encourage you to have a conversation with them by asking open ended inquiry questions – Some examples of questions to engage in conversation are –

–       What did the coach tell you that you were doing well in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       Which swimming technique/style do you use when swimming under water?

–       What is your favorite stroke in swimming – why?

–       What do the arms do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       What do the legs do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

Don’t forget that next week is our open swim week. We invite all parents to come along and see what we do in swimming. All visitors must remain on the viewing deck and no photos are allowed to be taken.

Regards – Kit and Karen


Grade 2 Market Day 2019

Grade 2 Market Day 2019

2EK had so much fun at our market day on Friday. They worked so hard setting up a variety of businesses which were very successful on the day. Each child had a quality good or service to provide to the Grade 2 community and were able to explain how these businesses would support a wider community by providing goods, services, jobs etc.

Super job 2EK!




Dreams & Imagination

Dreams & Imagination

Grade 2 artists have continued learning about Surrealism and how artists use their imaginations. Recently they have learned about and discussed paintings by Marc Chagall. What do you think this painting is about? What is Chagall trying to tell us?

The students have now been brainstorming about personal dreams and their own imaginations through a mind mapping exercise. They have listed as many imaginary places that they could dream up, characters that would live in those places, feelings the places would create, colors we would see, and opposites that may occur like in the Surrealist paintings we have been discussing.

So far no two ideas look the same! We have anything from minecraft universes to beautiful lands filled with cuddly animals. Stay tuned to see what these ideas will be used for next!

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