We Invite You

We Invite You

Dear Parents,

We are just past the half way mark with our swimming sessions for G1,2,3, and 4.

Our intention at this stage is that your child is becoming more aware of their

–       Strengths and weaknesses within the water

–       Progress thus far within the 3 strokes and survival skills

–       Specific areas that they need to improve in within the 3 strokes

We encourage you to have a conversation with them by asking open ended inquiry questions – Some examples of questions to engage in conversation are –

–       What did the coach tell you that you were doing well in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       Which swimming technique/style do you use when swimming under water?

–       What is your favorite stroke in swimming – why?

–       What do the arms do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

–       What do the legs do in – BACKSTROKE/BREASTSTROKE/FREESTYLE? (just choose one)

Don’t forget that next week is our open swim week. We invite all parents to come along and see what we do in swimming. All visitors must remain on the viewing deck and no photos are allowed to be taken.

Regards – Kit and Karen


Drawing & Painting

Drawing & Painting

Grade 1 artists have been working hard planning for their final paintings. They have designed a background based on an animal’s habitat that they were interested in. They have completed their painted backgrounds with various lines, shapes, and textures. The students are so excited to continue drawing their chosen animals!

Weekly round up – Monday 22nd – Friday 26th April

Weekly round up – Monday 22nd – Friday 26th April

Dear Parents,

Wow! What a bumper packed week we have just had in 1MH.

I was extremely proud of the children on Tuesday during our exhibition as they spoke clearly, were very knowledgeable and behaved beautifully. Photos about this are later in this blog!


On Monday we worked hard to complete our exhibition pieces. We needed to ensure we had a PicEdu poster, had written up our notes in neat and added illustrations, diagrams and real life images; as well as putting the finishing touches to our dioramas.

Later we worked on presentation techniques such as making eye contact, speaking clearly and smiling! We also practised what we were going to say so that we didn’t just read from our notes.

After swimming we headed upstairs to set up our area ready for the big event on Tuesday.


On Tuesday we hurried upstairs to check our exhibition pieces were ready for viewing and quickly practised what we wanted to say again while Ms. Melanie talked to our parents.

When they arrived we shared our knowledge of our chosen animal with our parents, teachers and other parents from 1HN. This was exciting, but also a little scary! Thank you so much to everyone who came to support us.

Wednesday and Thursday

After the excitement of our exhibition we turned our attention to Maths, in particular Data Handling. This is a method of expressing and understanding information through tally charts and graphs.

Ms. Melanie split us into 2 groups then threw lots of animals and dinosaurs onto the carpet before telling us to ‘sort them out’! At first we were confused as she hadn’t given us any more instructions, however, after some (heated) discussion we finally sorted them into colour groups. We later sorted them into equal groups, different animal categories (such as mammals, arachnids, amphibians etc.) as well as animals which are alive or dead.

After this we re-sorted them into colour groups but as 1 whole class and counted how many were in each colour. We created a large tally chart to express this. This was fun as we counted in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Swedish!

We later separated M&Ms into colour groups and created our own tally charts to record how many of each colour there were. Next week we will transfer this knowledge into a graph.


On Friday we were extremely excited as we were going to Baitang Arboretum to celebrate the end of our Sharing The Planet Unit. We went armed with a healthy snack, a scavenger hunt and a tally chart in order to see how many different types of wildlife we could find in their natural environment.

We were split into small groups of 3 – 5 children, some of us going with parents from other classes. If you do not see photos of your child here it is because they were with other parents using I-pads from other G1 classes. I will upload those photos later.

Some of the items on the scavenger hunt were easy to find (such as the green leaves and flowers) however, some like the squirrels were more challenging. As you will see from the photos, some were a little creative in their interpretations!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who came along to share in our celebration.

Happy birthday Royce and Ju A

On Tuesday we celebrated Royce’s birthday and on Wednesday we celebrated with Ju A. Both children have now joined the ‘we are 7 brigade’! Thank you so much to both parents for the lovely cakes – we are always happy to share yummy cakes in 1MH!

Happy birthday Royce and Ju A, we hope you had a lovely day.



Artist Inspiration

Artist Inspiration

Grade 1 students have finished their clay unit and their beautiful work inspired by three different cultural art forms can now be seen on display outside of the art rooms!

After celebrating their achievements and reflecting on their clay work, Grade 1 artists have now started their third art unit of the year under the theme of Where We Are in Place and Time. They are exploring the central idea of “understanding others inspires us.” In order to start gaining inspiration for a new project, the students have been investigating paintings by Henri Rousseau while learning about his life and interests as a painter.

After discussing his use of color and his interest in plants, animals, and jungles the students have started brainstorming for their own painting. They have chosen an animal they are interested in and the habitat where their animal lives.

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities

Dear Parents,

Please see the poster below about Earth Day Activities. Please take time to discuss these events, and how we can reduce the amount of plastic waste on our Earth, with your children.

G1 Field Trip

G1 Field Trip

We are excited to announce that we will have a G1 field trip to Baitang Arboretum on Friday 26th April. This will be a celebration of the end of our Sharing The Planet Unit.

We will take a packed snack to enjoy with our friends whilst looking at different animals in their natural habitats.

Please see the following links for more information.

Many thanks

Baitang Gardens Nature Walk ENG-22lfwnx

Baitang Gardens Nature Walk CHI-12x5mo8

Baitang Gardens Nature Walk KOR-1c4o2bh

Sharing The Planet exhibition

Sharing The Planet exhibition

Dear Parents and Families,
Please find attached the details about the Mini Exhibition our Grade 1 students have been working towards.
They will be sharing their research on their chosen animal and highlighting ways of action that they can take to help animals.
We would love to see parents or other family members there to share the learning with not only your child, but also other students in Grade 1.
We encourage you to meet at your child’s homeroom to be guided to the Exhibition area by your child’s Homeroom teacher.  Please read through the details in the attached note and we hope to see you next Tuesday.
Kind Regards,
Grade 1 Team


Grade 1 – Mini Exhibition ENG-1xojxhw

Grade 1 – Mini Exhibition KOR-21qje5y

Grade 1 – Mini Exhibition CHI-1v0osw4


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