Weekly round up – 18th January 2019

Weekly round up – 18th January 2019

It has been a very busy week in 1MH!

New Student

On Monday we welcomed another student to our class. Her name is Alice, she and her family are here from Sweden.
We hope you will be very happy with us Alice!

Following direction – using prepositions

During our Literacy lesson on Monday we looked at the prepositions used in Alexander’s Outing.

Later we brainstormed other prepositions such as ‘along, beside, near, past, across, through’ etc. before going on a journey around the school. One group went from the class to the library, while the other group went from the class to the upstairs canteen.

We took photos of our journey and wrote down the instructions, focusing carefully on the prepositions.

Later in the week we used the photos to write our own journey.

Please encourage your children to tell you their journey using full sentences and prepositions, e.g. Go out of the classroom, walk past 1JA and continue up the stairs.

Hot seating

On Tuesday we had some mystery characters come to join us! Actually, these were Mr. Jeff, Mr. R.K. and Ms. Connie, however, they were pretending to be different characters and we had to ask them questions to identify who they were. This was actually quite hard! We discovered it was better to ask general questions such as ‘are you a girl?’ and  ‘do you have family?’ before moving onto questions such as ‘do you have blonde hair?’ etc.

Expert rotation sessions

On Wednesday afternoon the children had the opportunity to experience different ways of presenting and expressing stories. These included, using puppets, traditional story telling using voice and body language, dance and music, drama and through technology.

Here are some photos from the puppet rotation.

The Opera came to visit!

On Thursday we had an internal field trip when we were treated to a visit from 3 actors and a musician from the Suzhou Opera.

They performed 2 short plays for us, one about the joys of Spring and the other a love story between a monk and a nun.

It was amazing to see their traditional costumes, face paint, instruments and to hear them sing.

Story from Fanny’s dad

This morning we were visited by Fanny’s dad, Mr. Frans. He came to share some objects and photos from his home country of Holland. He also shared a personal story of when he was a risk-taker in a holiday camp in Wales.

It was wonderful to welcome him in. We would love to have other visitors in to share stories with us. Please contact me if you would be able to come a read a story to us, either in English or in your home language. We would love to see how you express your story.


This week we have been reviewing and consolidating place value – identifying what each number in a 2 digit number really means. For example 23 means 2 tens and 3 units. 2 tens really means 20.

We have also been learning how the 100 square can help us with addition and subtraction. If we move horizontally across the rows the numbers increase or decrease in 1s, if we move down the columns the numbers increase in 10s and if we move up the columns, the numbers decrease in 10s.

Please focus on the following alternative maths words with your child:

Addition = plus, more than, count on, greater than, altogether and total.

Subtraction = minus, take away, count back, less than and fewer.


I said it had been a very busy week!!!!!!


Expressing Ourselves

Expressing Ourselves

As part of our tuning in to our new unit, we had the opportunity to use puppets, dress up as different characters and use art to display meaning.

We then discussed what was our favourite way to express ourselves.

Alexander’s Outing

Alexander’s Outing

As promised, here is the video of us dramatising the story of Alexander’s Outing.

The story is about a mother duck (Fanny) who takes her children on a walk, however, Alexander (Andy) does not listen to instructions. At first he wanders into a road and it is only the quick action of a man who pushes him out of the way (Ruben with the cushion).
Next Alexander falls down a well because he is still not paying attention. The ducks call for help and a girl (Sofia-Elena) tries to get him out with a stick. Next people who are having a picnic nearby (Joshua and Vivian) throw food down to try and get him out. When this doesn’t work a policeman (Lili) is called who tries to get him out with a rope. Finally a group of children start throwing buckets of water down the well which raises the water level and Alexander is able to float to the top of the well and jump out!
The mother duck and her other ducklings are so happy to have Alexander back again ….. unfortunately Alexander still does not seem to have learned that he needs to listen and pay attention!

Coil Pots

Coil Pots

This week in art class Grade 1 artists learned how to use the clay coil technique in order to make their very own coil pot. They practiced different styles of coil making including spirals, twists, and braids.

The students also looked at a variety of different shapes and patterns found in Chinese porcelain for even more inspiration.

They had a great time adding details and finishing up their coil pots in art class. Each one has a unique shape!

The students have one more clay technique to learn and create with before they start learning how to use glaze to add color to their amazing projects!

Pinch Pot Turtles

Pinch Pot Turtles

Grade 1 students have been busy practicing three new clay skills in art class while learning about art from other cultures.

The first culture Grade 1 artists have investigated was folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico. These imaginary creatures known as Oaxacan Animals or Alebrijes, are carved from wood and painted with beautiful colors and patterns.

They were inspired by these colorful designs and recent conservation efforts in Oaxaca to protect turtles. Focusing on our first clay skill of creating pinch pots, each student created their own Oaxacan inspired turtle.

 Stay tuned to see which clay skills we will practice with next and what culture we will be investigating!

Alexander’s Outing

Alexander’s Outing

This week we began reading the book Alexander’s Outing about a duck who goes on a journey with his family. Unfortunately, Alexander is not a sensible duck and he doesn’t listen to his mother, which means he gets into all sorts of trouble.

After we had read the book we broke into small groups to dramatise different parts of the story which really helped us connect with the characters and what problems Alexander encountered.

Please see the photos below of our acting and discussions.

I will try to upload the video on Monday – at the moment it is too large to upload.

Pyjama Day Pics!!

Pyjama Day Pics!!

Dear parents,
We had a cozy and warm Pyjama Day! We all got inspired by incredible stories and authors. Thank you so much for all your support with this special event and sending the children in thick warm pyjamas.

Have a warm and lovely weekend!




PE Update and Welcome Back!

PE Update and Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Karen and I hope that you have enjoyed your holiday. This week we have focused on getting the students active again, all grade 1 students participated in a series of 6 fitness circuits during their sessions as we prepare for our movement unit for the next 5-6 weeks. During the movement unit the students will use the terminology of ROTATIONS, TRAVEL, BALANCE, and JUMP to describe and label their movements. This unit covers a mixture of gymnastic type movements such as rolls, balances, leaps, and gallops etc and then adapting/modifying them into a small routine  – particular focus for grade 1 will be a high level link with their current story telling unit and looking at the concept of perspective.

Just a reminder that students are encouraged to bring a change of clothes for PE sessions for both hygiene and ease of movement reasons. Time will be given before and after the session to get changed. Any sports clothes are recommended although students often prefer to wear their house t-shirts or proper school PE uniform.

As always both Karen and I encourage families to talk about PE at home and we welcome any feedback, questions, clarifications that you may have as a result of your child’s PE sessions.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng

Pyjama day tomorrow!

Pyjama day tomorrow!

Dear all,

As part of our ‘Tuning In’ to our new unit How We Express Ourselves we are going to have a fun ‘dress up in your pyjamas’ activity tomorrow.

Please could you send the children dressed in their school uniform with their pyjamas and maybe a dressing gown packed in a bag. It would be great if they could also bring a favourite story and maybe a cuddly toy.

We will be changing after morning snack then having a whole grade sharing story time where the children can choose to visit two teachers and listen to them read a favourite story. As well as this the children will have time to share their own story with their friends.

We will probably remain in pyjamas during lunch – I will ensure they are warmly dressed for lunch play, before wearing them to assembly!

I look forward to seeing lots of pyjamas, books and cuddly toys tomorrow!

Welcome back and welcome to our new student

Welcome back and welcome to our new student

Dear all,

Happy New Year – Xīn Nián Kuài Lè.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday whether you were here or home with family.

Today we have welcomed a new student to our class. She is called Jimin and she comes from Korea.

We are very happy to have you with us Jimin!

Today we have planned a recount based on activities that we did in our holiday. We will continue to write this tomorrow.

We have also been working on subtraction activities – focusing on taking the smallest number from the largest number.

Please reinforce the following subtraction words with your children – subtract, minus, take away, less than and count back.

As it is the start of a new year, please can I ask that you check all your children’s clothing / water bottles etc. are named and have 1MH clearly marked. Many thanks.


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