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Homeroom Learning last week

Homeroom Learning last week

As well as making the Garden,  we were also busy last week with understanding more about Mass and Capacity and so we did some work using the water table outside. Working in small groups we had to estimate how much a container could hold and then fill the containers to check our estimations. Hands on maths work is a great way to make real life connections.  Having estimation skills is very valuable in many real-life situations, such as cooking, so a great skill to practice at home when helping in the kitchen.



We were also learning about different roles we can play when working in a group. Students were asked in work in a group to create human letters, but each time they had to take different roles.  These were Group Leader, Group Recorder and Group member.  After completing the task an interesting reflection by students as we all worked out that being the leader can be very difficult.  I have attached the discussion comments made by the students, but there some great reflection points. I was very proud of the interesting points students noted.  Great stuff 1HN!

Group work exploring-1ro98hr


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