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Friday Feels

Friday Feels

We had a wonderful afternoon together on Friday in 1HN.

First we had the lovely occasion of seeing the Christmas Tree being lit up, along with the entire school.  There was a wonderful feeling in the foyer and from the short clip I think you will agree that the singing sounded very festive.  I recognize we do not all celebrate Christmas in the same way, if at all, however the afternoon did bring lots of joy and a feeling of whole school togetherness which was lovely to see.

We then headed to the Art Room to have some time to develop Personal and Social skills, with a focus on Co-operation. It is not easy to work together, in a small space and share equipment and it was a pleasure to watch the students really engage with the art work and share their space.  Everyone started their drawing with just one dot and it continued to grow and grow.  This was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  Miss Rachel started the session off by reading the story and then the ideas grew from here.  I was so impressed by how the Art work came together by the end of the session, just by using 3 mediums, marker, oil pastel and watercolor paints.  All 3 groups created a beautiful piece with lots of collaboration and I could hear lots of kindness, praise and sharing going on.  It was a lovely way to finish our week.




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