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Busy, busy, busy in 1HN

Busy, busy, busy in 1HN

This week in 1HN we covered all sorts of things.  We started our week reading and zooming in on the idea that ‘Good readers ask Questions’.  This is important to make sure we understand what we are reading about.  This idea was especially helpful we were became Inquirers and were trying to sort out some of the information we have researched about Systems and how things are all connected.   We did some research on the laptops and were able to take down some excellent notes.

Our maths work this week has focused on Mass and Capacity.  We have been discussing how to weigh and order things using scales and using blocks to compare objects.  Today we looked at what capacity means and how we can measure that.  We found lots of objects in our room that have Capacity and some that do not.

Another important link we made is that to help Systems work, people have responsibilities.  We all have some now in our classroom as we all have a Classroom Job to be involved in.

1HN have also done a great job of getting our new system of ‘Bookworms’ up and running.  We all did well working out how the systems in our room work best and it seems to be when we all take responsibility for our role and the tasks involved.  Well done 1HN!!

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