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Catch up with 1HN

Catch up with 1HN

Hello Families,

We are overdue for an update, but there were some changes to the Blog website and I had a little trouble logging in.  Please accept my apology for the delay.

In the last week in 1HN we have been focusing on some new skills.

During our maths sessions we have been demonstrating our knowledge with data and graph skills.  We created a few different sets of data and tried use a tally chart to record these.  We went out to the car park on a sunny day to make a set of data and it is always fun to take the learning outside.  As the students described, making a tally chart ‘makes the counting easy as you can count by 5’.  Then we had to construct some picture graphs and bar graphs from our data.

We have also looked at what is symmetry and symmetrical lines.  Please ask your child to help you to find 5 objects in your home that are symmetrical and could have a line of symmetry that can run through it.

We also got busy creating a book about Homophones.  These are words that are spelt differently and have different meanings but sound the same. For example; two, to, too.  Our new class book looks fantastic and a great help to try to remember these tricky words.

During our writing sessions we have looked at the structure of Persuasive writing. We are using a structure of ‘A TITLE’, ‘OPENING STATEMENT’, ‘3 REASONS’ and a ‘FINAL POSITION’. Look out for your child to start trying to convince you of a lot of things using their opinion with some facts to back them up!!

We have begun our Inquiry into how technology has changed communication tools over time.  To do this we had to have a few discussions about communication and what it means.  Students did some sorting of communication methods and we tested the speed of a wechat message, an email and a hand-written note delivery.  We also had some student photographers for this work so check out some of the photos below.  Thank you also to families and parents who were able to chat to their child about when the message we sent was delivered and also about the history of postcards.  Students came back in very excited to talk about ‘what my mum or dad said’.

Another highlight was to help Ms. Connie in the garden.  The students had a chance to revitalise our class garden and also went out into the garden to explore the new greenhouse and ‘plant hospital’ out there.  Lots of big smiles doing this task!

Please now have a look at the few photos of this recent learning.



Learning this week

Learning this week

Hello All,

Another fun week comes to a close and with just two days at school, it was a busy two days!

We were updating some of our Portfolios ready to share with our families next Saturday at the Student Led Conference Day.  We are looking forward to sharing our classroom with you.

Yesterday we worked on a writing piece about how animals might feel if they were caged up.  Some students got really creative and showed some wonderful ideas.

We also started a discussion around Facts and  Opinions.  The students were able to clearly distinguish a fact and even discuss what makes a statement.  We then had a look using our Pic Collage app on how to list some Facts and Opinions about animals.

We had a visit to the library today and read a fun book about a cow named Nadine.  She was a funny cow who pretended to be brave and the adventure she went on. See if your child can re-tell the story to you.

We also played a maths game which we called Number Blast off.  This has good links to ordering numbers and place value of numbers.  Ask your child to show you the game if you have time.

It was a fun and productive two days.  I have attached a few different work samples to give you an idea of the learning this week.   Have a great weekend everyone.

Our Mini Exhibition – What we thought!

Our Mini Exhibition – What we thought!

What a wonderful day for 1HN!  It was just great to see the students sharing their knowledge with family and other visitors to their stands.  The students were able to speak about their animal and it’s features and habitats.  By displaying their knowledge and discussing what they can do to help, it is all a form of TAKING ACTION.  The last part of our Inquiry Cycle. It has been a wonderful process and the students have certainly been active learners.

Here is some of the immediate reflection that students offered when we were back in class.  You will see a theme of how much they loved having their family involved, so thank you again to everyone that was able to come along and support them.

‘I loved it when my Dad came and he gave me a star.’ – Nakia

‘I was scared at the start if I had to talk to many strangers, but I loved it when my Mum visited me and gave me a star.’  – Lilah

‘I wanted my family to come and they did, so I was happy.’ – Joanna

‘I liked it when my Mum came and she said my work is beautiful.’ – Kiara

‘I liked it when my Mum and Dad came and when they gave me a star and then my baby brother gave me a star too. I liked sharing my animal and being next to Sunny.’ – Sarah

‘I loved it when my Mum came and she gave me some water as I was so tired of talking so much about my frog.  I liked it when other people came up and gave me a star too.’ – Marina

‘I liked it when my Mum came and gave me a star and my Mum wrote to me in Korean.  She kissed me and I was happy.’ – Holly

‘I liked it when my Mum and Dad came and I liked it when I was next to Sarah. I liked it when people gave me stars and at the end I had 5 stars.’ – Sunny

‘I liked it when my Dad came and gave me a comment.’ – Paul


Here a few photos of the action and I have some lovely family shots which will be in the portfolio.



Animal Experts in 1HN

Animal Experts in 1HN

We set a challenge for our students this week to become experts in one animal classification group.  They headed off to an expert classroom to learn all about a certain group of the animal kingdom, such as; fish, mammals, reptiles, birds etc.   They then had to come back and share their knowledge with other students from 1HN.  Everyone did a great job of presenting and sharing their information and I think you will agree the end Information Posters look terrific.  Well done 1HN


Celebration – How we Organize Ourselves

Celebration – How we Organize Ourselves

Last week we were celebrating the wonderful final pieces of work that the students completed for the unit – How we Organize Ourselves.  The students had a great time explaining to other students their chosen system, which they had created a in either a poster or book form.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in which they showed off their work and shared their knowledge.   These pieces of work are now on display outside our classroom.  Please feel free to stop by and have a look if you are at school or ask your child about their system.

Homeroom Learning last week

Homeroom Learning last week

As well as making the Garden,  we were also busy last week with understanding more about Mass and Capacity and so we did some work using the water table outside. Working in small groups we had to estimate how much a container could hold and then fill the containers to check our estimations. Hands on maths work is a great way to make real life connections.  Having estimation skills is very valuable in many real-life situations, such as cooking, so a great skill to practice at home when helping in the kitchen.



We were also learning about different roles we can play when working in a group. Students were asked in work in a group to create human letters, but each time they had to take different roles.  These were Group Leader, Group Recorder and Group member.  After completing the task an interesting reflection by students as we all worked out that being the leader can be very difficult.  I have attached the discussion comments made by the students, but there some great reflection points. I was very proud of the interesting points students noted.  Great stuff 1HN!

Group work exploring-1ro98hr


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