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Element Fresh Field Trip

Element Fresh Field Trip

At the end of last term 1HN headed off to Element Fresh to experience creating a balanced meal in a ‘real-life’ situation.  The students were very excited and handled the experience really well.  After washing our hands and putting on our chef clothes, we gathered around to hear Christina chat to us about different fruit and vegetables.  We all ordered a fresh juice from the four flavors on offer.

Then we created our own salad.  The students were good at selecting a wide range of ingredients to include and even trying some new ones.  Some of the most popular were the barbecued corn, avocado, carrot, cheese and bacon.

Everyone was very quiet when the eating began, so the evidence was there that they loved what they created. It was great to see lots of empty bowls and big smiles at the end.

Hopefully they can create a fresh salad for your family very soon.

We hope you enjoy the photos and video clip.

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