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WOW! Not an ordinary Friday!

WOW! Not an ordinary Friday!

What a wonderful Friday for the students of 1HN.  They seemed to float out of here today and were so excited and proud of what they achieved at the Assembly today.   They put on a fabulous show.  Their commitment, confidence, creativity and cooperation all shined through.  Ms Kaldenbach, Ms. Connie and I are all very proud of them.  Here are their reflections:

Lilah: My feelings were happy and nervous.  My favorite part was singing, ‘You are a star.’

Sarah: I loved being part of the Pig Family 2 and having my Mum and my Grandma there to watch me.

Holly: I loved having my Mummy there to watch and I loved saying goodbye in Korean with Chiu.  I also loved the Slideshow.

Noah: I liked having my Mum there and she was very happy with me.  She loved the assembly. I loved watching the slideshow and being a Pig in the play.

Marina: I loved having my Dad to come and watch me because he could not come to the last Assembly.

Chiu: I loved being a wolf and watching the slideshow.  It was great to have my Mum there to watch me.

Scarlett: I loved singing, ‘You are a star’.

Rackie: I enjoyed being a Policeman and singing, ‘You are a star’.

Nakia: I loved being a Narrator.

Joanna: I loved being a pig in the play and singing, ‘You are a star’. My sister liked my dancing and that made me happy.

Henry: I loved being a wolf and pretending to eat the pigs.

Sunny: I loved singing’ You are a Star.’

Charlie: I loved having my Mum there to watch me and I liked being a wolf in the play. I also enjoyed the Slideshow.

We would also like to acknowledge Paul and Oliver who could not be here today, but were part of the preparations.  We missed you.

We will get the clips up onto the blog, but they need to be re-sized.  Stay tuned.

Thank you to everyone that was able to come along and support the students.  It means a lot to them.  For those that could not make it, please enjoy the clips together with your child when they get loaded up.

We would love to hear from anyone on here about their favorite part too.

Enjoy the weekend!



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