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Catch up with 1HN

Catch up with 1HN

Hello Families,

We are overdue for an update, but there were some changes to the Blog website and I had a little trouble logging in.  Please accept my apology for the delay.

In the last week in 1HN we have been focusing on some new skills.

During our maths sessions we have been demonstrating our knowledge with data and graph skills.  We created a few different sets of data and tried use a tally chart to record these.  We went out to the car park on a sunny day to make a set of data and it is always fun to take the learning outside.  As the students described, making a tally chart ‘makes the counting easy as you can count by 5’.  Then we had to construct some picture graphs and bar graphs from our data.

We have also looked at what is symmetry and symmetrical lines.  Please ask your child to help you to find 5 objects in your home that are symmetrical and could have a line of symmetry that can run through it.

We also got busy creating a book about Homophones.  These are words that are spelt differently and have different meanings but sound the same. For example; two, to, too.  Our new class book looks fantastic and a great help to try to remember these tricky words.

During our writing sessions we have looked at the structure of Persuasive writing. We are using a structure of ‘A TITLE’, ‘OPENING STATEMENT’, ‘3 REASONS’ and a ‘FINAL POSITION’. Look out for your child to start trying to convince you of a lot of things using their opinion with some facts to back them up!!

We have begun our Inquiry into how technology has changed communication tools over time.  To do this we had to have a few discussions about communication and what it means.  Students did some sorting of communication methods and we tested the speed of a wechat message, an email and a hand-written note delivery.  We also had some student photographers for this work so check out some of the photos below.  Thank you also to families and parents who were able to chat to their child about when the message we sent was delivered and also about the history of postcards.  Students came back in very excited to talk about ‘what my mum or dad said’.

Another highlight was to help Ms. Connie in the garden.  The students had a chance to revitalise our class garden and also went out into the garden to explore the new greenhouse and ‘plant hospital’ out there.  Lots of big smiles doing this task!

Please now have a look at the few photos of this recent learning.



Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits

Hello and Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Break.  The students of 1HN came back excited and full of stories to tell me.

We wanted to share some photos of the wonderful visits in the 1HN classroom before the break from some of our parents.  They came in to read a story to the students in their first language or in English.  The students really enjoyed the experience and it was been lovely to see the students engaging with the Parent readers we have had visit us.  Thank you to the parents who have had the time to come in too.

Our unit is still going for another 2 -3 weeks and if you have any time to come by and read for us, you are very welcome.  Please just email Miss Hayley to arrange a convenient time.

Also, we understand not every parent or family member has the time, so there is no pressure.  Just if you would like too.



Friday Feels

Friday Feels

We had a wonderful afternoon together on Friday in 1HN.

First we had the lovely occasion of seeing the Christmas Tree being lit up, along with the entire school.  There was a wonderful feeling in the foyer and from the short clip I think you will agree that the singing sounded very festive.  I recognize we do not all celebrate Christmas in the same way, if at all, however the afternoon did bring lots of joy and a feeling of whole school togetherness which was lovely to see.

We then headed to the Art Room to have some time to develop Personal and Social skills, with a focus on Co-operation. It is not easy to work together, in a small space and share equipment and it was a pleasure to watch the students really engage with the art work and share their space.  Everyone started their drawing with just one dot and it continued to grow and grow.  This was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  Miss Rachel started the session off by reading the story and then the ideas grew from here.  I was so impressed by how the Art work came together by the end of the session, just by using 3 mediums, marker, oil pastel and watercolor paints.  All 3 groups created a beautiful piece with lots of collaboration and I could hear lots of kindness, praise and sharing going on.  It was a lovely way to finish our week.




Who can save the gingerbread man?

Who can save the gingerbread man?

1HN was up for a challenge on Wednesday afternoon.

Having read the story about the gingerbread man a couple of weeks ago, the children were asked to build a raft to safe the gingerbread man. Students had three boxes of mostly recycled materials to use for the construction of their raft.

Which material will float well?

Which material may get soaked in the water?

How can I make sure my raft is stable enough?

Element Fresh Field Trip

Element Fresh Field Trip

At the end of last term 1HN headed off to Element Fresh to experience creating a balanced meal in a ‘real-life’ situation.  The students were very excited and handled the experience really well.  After washing our hands and putting on our chef clothes, we gathered around to hear Christina chat to us about different fruit and vegetables.  We all ordered a fresh juice from the four flavors on offer.

Then we created our own salad.  The students were good at selecting a wide range of ingredients to include and even trying some new ones.  Some of the most popular were the barbecued corn, avocado, carrot, cheese and bacon.

Everyone was very quiet when the eating began, so the evidence was there that they loved what they created. It was great to see lots of empty bowls and big smiles at the end.

Hopefully they can create a fresh salad for your family very soon.

We hope you enjoy the photos and video clip.

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