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What is it like?

What is it like?

In ESL class children are also exploring different materials. We learned about some opposites:

soft- hard

bumpy – smooth

rigid – flexible

Afterwards children went on a hunt around the classroom and created posters for each pair of opposites.

Shilla and Rackie

Chiu and Jerry

Joanna and Ayame

Who can save the gingerbread man?

Who can save the gingerbread man?

1HN was up for a challenge on Wednesday afternoon.

Having read the story about the gingerbread man a couple of weeks ago, the children were asked to build a raft to safe the gingerbread man. Students had three boxes of mostly recycled materials to use for the construction of their raft.

Which material will float well?

Which material may get soaked in the water?

How can I make sure my raft is stable enough?

In the kitchen

In the kitchen

ESL phase 1 students began creating a kitchen. This is a fun way of becoming familiar with vocabulary around the kitchen and food. Soon we will wonder and explore how the food got into the kitchen and where it came from.

What’s in your kitchen at home?

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