The last week

The last week

Hello, here is just a quick summary to finish the year.

Literacy and UOI

To finish off our year we had a lovely week.  We were busy finishing our Persuasive Writing piece about why Grade 1 is the best year. This involved writing an introduction, giving 3 reasons why Grade 1 is the best before writing a concluding paragraph. The children needed to give facts and opinions to back up their reasons.

We worked really hard to complete these and then invited KGA to convince them they had something to look forward too. It was great to see the Grade 1 students taking the expert role and sharing with our younger students.

End of year concert

I hope you enjoyed our concert on Wednesday. I was really proud of the children, they did an amazing job.  There were some photos taken from out the front.


We finished our year with some revision on subtraction and following directions.  Students did well to design their own routes and give directions through an area of their design.

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