That is a wrap!

That is a wrap!

Dear all,

Well we have completed our last day of 1HN. It was with sadness that we all said good bye to 1HN yesterday.

Personally, I feel like I have been so lucky to work your children this year. They have been amazing this year.  Open to inquiring, learning to cooperate and everyone has made wonderful progress.  We  have shared a lot of laughs together and then a few tears yesterday.  We reflected on the famous quote from Winnie the Pooh that says, ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying good bye so hard.’   That explained why we felt a little sadness yesterday.

One final thank you to all the families for all the support and cooperation this year.  I hope you all have wonderful summer holidays and I look forward to saying hello to everyone in the corridor next year.

Kind Regards,

Miss Hayley

Here is our last photo from today!




One thought on “That is a wrap!

  1. Dear Missy Hayley,

    Scarlett is lucky to have u to be her teacher.
    Our family like u very much.

    Have a nice summer holiday with ur family.

    See u in Aug.


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