Summer Learning

Summer Learning

Dear all,

Around this time of the year I sometimes receive questions asking me for advice about what the children can do during the Summer holidays.

We do not give out any holiday homework as it is important to recognise that holidays are designed to give children some ‘downtime’ as they work exceptionally hard during the year. However, if you would like your children to do activities in the holidays I would suggest the following:

1) Reading, reading, reading!! Reading any books in English is wonderful for students.  Raz-Kids will also be available and I will update all the levels following the recent PM reading tests.  It is great if you have time to discuss the book with questions such as;

What was the main idea of the book?

Tell me what happened in the story?

Who were the characters and tell me a bit about them?

Before starting to read make predictions about what might happen

Make a list of any new words in the book and look them up in the dictionary


2) Writing – keep a diary of events you do in the Summer.  This would mean practising the Recount writing genre, where students write an introduction sentence that includes the W questions (Who, When, Where, Why).  Then write what happened in sequence, using words such as First, Then, After and Last.  Then there is a concluding sentence in which the writer includes a feeling.

For beginning writers, they can be encouraged to draw up to 4 pictures such as ‘Get up’, ‘Have breakfast’, ‘Play with toys’ and ‘Go for a swim’.  Then they can write simple sentences using sequencing words too (first, then, next, finally)  Don’t forget to check for capital letters and full stops.


3) Numeracy – Playing games such as:

Throwing two or even three dice and adding up the numbers shown.

Throw another dice and subtract this number from the number made earlier.

Play Rockets or Blast off as a family

Practice skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s from different numbers.

Play ‘Buzz’ where you count around the family circles in 1s, every time the answer ends in 5 (5, 15, 25 etc) or any other chosen number say ‘Buzz’.

Board games like Snakes and Ladders or Ludo are also good.

Basic child friendly Sudoko challenges

Practice doubles facts


I hope that helps with some holiday ideas. Have fun!

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