1HN – Expert Explorers at Baitang Gardens

1HN – Expert Explorers at Baitang Gardens

Hello Parents and Families,

We had a fabulous morning at Baitang Gardens.  The students explored so well and really took charge of their learning, noting down what they saw, recording images and keeping a tally.  I loved watching them enjoying nature and the natural habitats that are around where they live.

It was also lovely to see them being principled and ‘Taking Action’, by spotting any litter and being able to ask for help to clean this up.  The students have really embraced the idea of reducing rubbish and plastic use to help the Earth. Well done Grade Ones!

Here are some of photos we got come back and also some of their ideas on our return this afternoon.  Photo credit to the students who largely took most of the photos!

Please ask your child what they enjoyed and what they saw.



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