Express Ourselves – How did it feel?

Express Ourselves – How did it feel?

At the end of our ‘How we Express Ourselves’ unit the students were asked to express themselves in a way they were comfortable with.  This could be through using puppets, reading a story, using technology to tell a story, a play and with music or a dance.  They were all able to put something together and show to an audience of other Year One students.  It certainly showed off some creativity from the students and it is wonderful to see them being autonomous with their choices.  Here are their thoughts and reflections about the experience.

When I performed and expressed myself I felt….

‘I felt scared because I had to change into characters and because I was nervous I went slower than in my practices.’  Sunny

‘I felt nervous because I did my puppet show alone, but when I started it was good because I did a funny ending.’  Marina

‘I was very excited about what I had to perform, but I was a bit nervous.  It was a short book and it my favourite and I liked sharing it because it is my favourite book my Mum reads to me.’   Nakia

‘I was feeling nervous and a bit embarrassed at the same time, because I was using an I-pad there was some problems with the sound.  It was good watching other people’s, but embarrassing doing my own.’   Lilah

‘I was feeling a little bit nervous, but at the end I was not nervous I was happy because I had Joanna’s help and we worked together.  I liked seeing other people’s too.  I really like Lia and Lissa’s dance from 1JA and Shilla’s book too.’   Sarah

‘I loved being the King and it was fun to be with Scarlett and Henry.’ Chiu

‘I felt excited because I could see other people’s stories and I can make my own story to share with Joshua.’  Charlie

‘I was feeling shy and nervous and the door kept opening. I liked what I did but maybe next time I would try something different.’  Holly

‘I enjoyed doing the play with Scarlett and Chiu and I tried really hard to make the dinosaur scary and I did big jumps to make the sound.’  Henry

‘I was excited to do my show with Sunny and it was better than I thought it was going to be.  I was a bit nervous of being in front of the audience, but it was okay in the end.’ Oliver

‘I was feeling shy because scared of everyone looking at me.  In the end I did enjoy the show though.’  Joshua

‘I felt good because my story made the people laugh.’  Paul

‘My show was good and one part of the show made me and the people laugh. That was my favourite part.’  Noah

‘I enjoyed doing the play and it was fun to do my own story.’ Scarlett

‘I was scared, but working with Sarah was fun.’ Joanna

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic group of brave performers! It can feel scary when we share in front of people, but you were all brave and tried your best! Well done, 1HN 🙂

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