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Month: April 2019

1HN – Expert Explorers at Baitang Gardens

1HN – Expert Explorers at Baitang Gardens

Hello Parents and Families,

We had a fabulous morning at Baitang Gardens.  The students explored so well and really took charge of their learning, noting down what they saw, recording images and keeping a tally.  I loved watching them enjoying nature and the natural habitats that are around where they live.

It was also lovely to see them being principled and ‘Taking Action’, by spotting any litter and being able to ask for help to clean this up.  The students have really embraced the idea of reducing rubbish and plastic use to help the Earth. Well done Grade Ones!

Here are some of photos we got come back and also some of their ideas on our return this afternoon.  Photo credit to the students who largely took most of the photos!

Please ask your child what they enjoyed and what they saw.



Artist Inspiration

Artist Inspiration

Grade 1 students have finished their clay unit and their beautiful work inspired by three different cultural art forms can now be seen on display outside of the art rooms!

After celebrating their achievements and reflecting on their clay work, Grade 1 artists have now started their third art unit of the year under the theme of Where We Are in Place and Time. They are exploring the central idea of “understanding others inspires us.” In order to start gaining inspiration for a new project, the students have been investigating paintings by Henri Rousseau while learning about his life and interests as a painter.

After discussing his use of color and his interest in plants, animals, and jungles the students have started brainstorming for their own painting. They have chosen an animal they are interested in and the habitat where their animal lives. This week they are designing abstract backgrounds based on their chosen animals habitat with watercolor and oil pastels.

Our Mini Exhibition – What we thought!

Our Mini Exhibition – What we thought!

What a wonderful day for 1HN!  It was just great to see the students sharing their knowledge with family and other visitors to their stands.  The students were able to speak about their animal and it’s features and habitats.  By displaying their knowledge and discussing what they can do to help, it is all a form of TAKING ACTION.  The last part of our Inquiry Cycle. It has been a wonderful process and the students have certainly been active learners.

Here is some of the immediate reflection that students offered when we were back in class.  You will see a theme of how much they loved having their family involved, so thank you again to everyone that was able to come along and support them.

‘I loved it when my Dad came and he gave me a star.’ – Nakia

‘I was scared at the start if I had to talk to many strangers, but I loved it when my Mum visited me and gave me a star.’  – Lilah

‘I wanted my family to come and they did, so I was happy.’ – Joanna

‘I liked it when my Mum came and she said my work is beautiful.’ – Kiara

‘I liked it when my Mum and Dad came and when they gave me a star and then my baby brother gave me a star too. I liked sharing my animal and being next to Sunny.’ – Sarah

‘I loved it when my Mum came and she gave me some water as I was so tired of talking so much about my frog.  I liked it when other people came up and gave me a star too.’ – Marina

‘I liked it when my Mum came and gave me a star and my Mum wrote to me in Korean.  She kissed me and I was happy.’ – Holly

‘I liked it when my Mum and Dad came and I liked it when I was next to Sarah. I liked it when people gave me stars and at the end I had 5 stars.’ – Sunny

‘I liked it when my Dad came and gave me a comment.’ – Paul


Here a few photos of the action and I have some lovely family shots which will be in the portfolio.



Grade 1 Mini Exhibition Invite

Grade 1 Mini Exhibition Invite

Dear Parents and Families,
Please find attached the details about the Mini Exhibition our Grade 1 students have been working towards. This event will be held next Tuesday 23rd April.
They will be sharing their research on their chosen animal and highlighting ways of action that they can take to help animals.
We would love to see parents or other family members there to share the learning with not only your child, but also other students in Grade 1.
We encourage you to meet at your child’s homeroom to be guided to the Exhibition area by your child’s Homeroom teacher.  Please read through the details in the attached note and we hope to see you next Tuesday.
Kind Regards,
Grade 1 Team
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