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Month: February 2019

African Masks & Clay Skills

African Masks & Clay Skills

Grade 1 students have started experimenting with their last clay skill by learning how to create clay slabs using rolling pins and other clay tools.

To gather inspiration for a slab project, the students learned about African masks and discussed the similarities and differences found in different mask designs.

Grade 1 artists designed their own African inspired mask in their sketchbook. They used these drawings to work from when creating with clay. Next week the students will begin glazing to add color and pattern to their collection of culturally inspired clay projects!

Classroom Visits

Classroom Visits

Hello and Welcome Back!

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year Break.  The students of 1HN came back excited and full of stories to tell me.

We wanted to share some photos of the wonderful visits in the 1HN classroom before the break from some of our parents.  They came in to read a story to the students in their first language or in English.  The students really enjoyed the experience and it was been lovely to see the students engaging with the Parent readers we have had visit us.  Thank you to the parents who have had the time to come in too.

Our unit is still going for another 2 -3 weeks and if you have any time to come by and read for us, you are very welcome.  Please just email Miss Hayley to arrange a convenient time.

Also, we understand not every parent or family member has the time, so there is no pressure.  Just if you would like too.



Happy New Year and Home Learning

Happy New Year and Home Learning

Dear Parents and Families,

I wish you a wonderful holiday and hope you get to enjoy some great relaxation and fun times with your children and families.

At SSIS we recognize that holidays are for relaxing and taking a break, however some families did ask about Home Learning so here is a smaller, optional Home Learning grid.  Some students who had their book here today brought home a hard copy of this.

Students may wish to complete some of the activities and we also encourage reading books at home or on Raz Kids.

I wish you all a wonderful New Year.

Kind Regards,

Miss Hayley

Feb home learning grid-23iq5ux


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