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Holiday Fun – 1HN First Group Blog

Holiday Fun – 1HN First Group Blog

In 1Hn we wanted to try a group blog, so we thought we would start with some ideas about our holidays. We have shared what we are doing in the holidays or looking forward to in the holidays.  Have a look at our ideas below.

Lilah: On the holidays I will go to Australia and I am going to visit all my cousins and see their backyard. It is going to be awesome!

Oliver: At the Christmas holiday I am going to Finland and then Norway.  I will be meeting Santa Claus and hoping to get lots of presents. It is also going to be awesome.

Charlie: For the Christmas holiday I am going to Japan.  My family and I are going to visit Legoland.

Sarah: I am going to visit a place that is fun.  I will be going with my family.  After Christmas holidays my birthday will be coming soon and I am looking forward to it.

Nakia: On the holidays I am going to a hotel to celebrate Claire becoming my sister forever.  When we get back to our house there will be presents under the Christmas Tree.

Holly: At Christmas time I am going to Korea and I will see my Grandma and my Grandpa too.

Henry: For the holiday I am going to Penang.  I am leaving on Tuesday.  I will play with my Jackson Storm toy.  On the last day of December I am coming back and then going to Hong Kong too.

Sunny: On the holidays I will go to Australia.  I am going to see my Grandma and Grandpa and I am going to see my sister’s little Sausage Dog, Russo.  I am also going to visit my friends.

Marina: On Friday night I am going to Malaysia and I think I am going to Penang. I am going with my sisters and my Mum and we are going to do Snorkeling.

Noah: On the holidays I am going back to America.  I am going to see my cousins and I will have some Gatorade.

Scarlett: Tomorrow I am going to Japan and after that I am going to Taiwan.

Rackie: I am going to Japan too.  I am going to have fun.

Joanna: I am going to see my Grandad’s farm

Chiu: I am going on a fun holiday.

Miss Hayley: On the holidays I am going to Thailand with my family.  We are visiting Hua Hin and Bangkok.  We are looking forward to swimming, enjoying the sunshine and good Thai food.

Invite – Parent Information Session on Inquiry Learning and the IB PYP Approach

Invite – Parent Information Session on Inquiry Learning and the IB PYP Approach

Dear Parents,

Your IB PYP Coordinators, Katriona Hoskins for Grades 1-5 and Carmen Murray for PN-KG, would like to invite you to a parent information session taking place on January 9th.   The session provides an insight into what learning through Inquiry means and what the advantages are to learning this way.  This session is open to all our PYP parents but is of particular interest to any families who are new to the IB PYP approach.

Please see the attached flyer for more details, which contains information in English, Chinese and Korean.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

Parent Info Session Inquiry PYP 9.1.19-1ymdn4l

Home Learning Grid December – January

Home Learning Grid December – January

Hello Parents,

Please find attached the Home Learning Grid for Dec-Jan.  With all the holidays coming up, we hope the students have a nice break and rest, but these are some activities they may like to do over the break or in January when we return.

These were stuck into most students books, but some had not returned their book and the copy I sent home may have gotten lost.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day.

Miss Hayley

Dec – Jan home learning grid-2i6esnc

G1 Focus

G1 Focus

Here are some samples of the assessments that your child participated in this week with regards to throwing and catching. Talk to them about how they performed in their assessment or ask them to break down the over arm throw into steps.
Easy Blog Photo

Excited for Clay!

Excited for Clay!

Grade 1 students have recently completed their first unit in art. The learned about the 7 art elements and did a fantastic job combining those elements into a final mobile design. Their standing and hanging mobiles can be seen on display near the art room gallery hallway.

This week, Grade 1 students began investigating their second art unit of the year under the theme of How The World Works. The central idea we will be focusing on together is how cultures manipulate the natural world. The material we will be exploring is clay, which everyone was very excited about this week. Grade 1 students practiced setting up for clay and began exploring 3 clay skills and techniques that we will be using throughout this unit.

Friday Feels

Friday Feels

We had a wonderful afternoon together on Friday in 1HN.

First we had the lovely occasion of seeing the Christmas Tree being lit up, along with the entire school.  There was a wonderful feeling in the foyer and from the short clip I think you will agree that the singing sounded very festive.  I recognize we do not all celebrate Christmas in the same way, if at all, however the afternoon did bring lots of joy and a feeling of whole school togetherness which was lovely to see.

We then headed to the Art Room to have some time to develop Personal and Social skills, with a focus on Co-operation. It is not easy to work together, in a small space and share equipment and it was a pleasure to watch the students really engage with the art work and share their space.  Everyone started their drawing with just one dot and it continued to grow and grow.  This was inspired by the book, The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  Miss Rachel started the session off by reading the story and then the ideas grew from here.  I was so impressed by how the Art work came together by the end of the session, just by using 3 mediums, marker, oil pastel and watercolor paints.  All 3 groups created a beautiful piece with lots of collaboration and I could hear lots of kindness, praise and sharing going on.  It was a lovely way to finish our week.




Celebration – How we Organize Ourselves

Celebration – How we Organize Ourselves

Last week we were celebrating the wonderful final pieces of work that the students completed for the unit – How we Organize Ourselves.  The students had a great time explaining to other students their chosen system, which they had created a in either a poster or book form.  It was great to see the enthusiasm and excitement in which they showed off their work and shared their knowledge.   These pieces of work are now on display outside our classroom.  Please feel free to stop by and have a look if you are at school or ask your child about their system.

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