Clay Skills & Pinch Pot Turtles

Clay Skills & Pinch Pot Turtles

Grade 1 students have been busy practicing three new clay skills in art class while learning about art from other cultures.

The first culture Grade 1 artists have investigated was folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico. These imaginary creatures known as Oaxacan Animals or Alebrijes, are carved from wood and painted with beautiful colors and patterns. They were inspired by these colorful designs and recent conservation efforts in Oaxaca to protect turtles. Focusing on our first clay skill of creating pinch pots, each student created their own Oaxacan inspired turtle.

Stay tuned to see which clay skills we will practice with next and what culture we will be investigating!

Pajama Day pics!!

Pajama Day pics!!


Dear parents,

We had a cozy and warm Pajama Day! We all got inspired by incredible stories and authors. Thank you so much for all your support with this special event and sending the children in thick warm pajamas.

Have a warm and lovely weekend!



PE Update and Welcome Back!

PE Update and Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Karen and I hope that you have enjoyed your holiday. This week we have focused on getting the students active again, all grade 1 students participated in a series of 6 fitness circuits during their sessions as we prepare for our movement unit for the next 5-6 weeks. During the movement unit the students will use the terminology of ROTATIONS, TRAVEL, BALANCE, and JUMP to describe and label their movements. This unit covers a mixture of gymnastic type movements such as rolls, balances, leaps, and gallops etc and then adapting/modifying them into a small routine  – particular focus for grade 1 will be a high level link with their current story telling unit and looking at the concept of perspective.

Just a reminder that students are encouraged to bring a change of clothes for PE sessions for both hygiene and ease of movement reasons. Time will be given before and after the session to get changed. Any sports clothes are recommended although students often prefer to wear their house t-shirts or proper school PE uniform.

As always both Karen and I encourage families to talk about PE at home and we welcome any feedback, questions, clarifications that you may have as a result of your child’s PE sessions.

Regards Kit Murray and Karen Zheng



Hello Parents,

Just a reminder about the PJ Day for tomorrow.  If your child would like to participate we ask they bring their Pajamas in their bag and we will get into these after Snack.  Students can fully change or just put them on over their clothes.  Whatever is appropriate with the weather and type of Pajamas they have.

During the time between Snack and Lunch we are going to have some Story Telling throughout the 6 classrooms and students will hear a range of stories, as well as going to the Library.

We will continue the fun after Assembly, as we have our first parent coming in to read and we will do a Book Response after that.

Students can then change again before home time.

If you have any questions, please do let me know via email.

Kind Regards,

Miss Hayley

Fun from today!

Fun from today!

We continued with our ‘Tuning In’ for the How We Express Ourselves Unit and watched and listened to several different versions of Little Red Riding Hood.  Students were asked to then reflect on which version of the story they enjoyed the most.

After this we had lots of props, instruments, puppets and costumes available for the students to try out.  When they were exploring these we asked them to think about how they could express emotions and portray different characters.  As you can see from the photos, we all had a lot of fun.



Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Families,

A warm welcome back to school this week and we have all the students back after their exciting holidays.  Everyone seems refreshed and enjoying seeing their friends again.

We have been lucky this week to have some birthdays in our classroom, with Scarlett, Rackie and Sarah celebrating their birthdays in the holidays and then Oliver and Henry having birthdays this week.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU!

We have been finishing off our Information Books on materials and they are coming together very nicely.  Stay tuned to see the final product soon.

We have also started to discuss our next unit, ‘How We Express Ourselves’.  Yesterday, we had a brainstorming session about some of our favorite stories and students took some time to draw or play out their favorites.

The next unit will have a focus on Narrative Writing and Story Telling.  This is why we encourage students to bring in a favorite book to share if they have one at home.  The Newsletter about this unit with more information will be coming out shortly.

Have a great day from all of us in 1HN.


Holiday Fun – 1HN First Group Blog

Holiday Fun – 1HN First Group Blog

In 1Hn we wanted to try a group blog, so we thought we would start with some ideas about our holidays. We have shared what we are doing in the holidays or looking forward to in the holidays.  Have a look at our ideas below.

Lilah: On the holidays I will go to Australia and I am going to visit all my cousins and see their backyard. It is going to be awesome!

Oliver: At the Christmas holiday I am going to Finland and then Norway.  I will be meeting Santa Claus and hoping to get lots of presents. It is also going to be awesome.

Charlie: For the Christmas holiday I am going to Japan.  My family and I are going to visit Legoland.

Sarah: I am going to visit a place that is fun.  I will be going with my family.  After Christmas holidays my birthday will be coming soon and I am looking forward to it.

Nakia: On the holidays I am going to a hotel to celebrate Claire becoming my sister forever.  When we get back to our house there will be presents under the Christmas Tree.

Holly: At Christmas time I am going to Korea and I will see my Grandma and my Grandpa too.

Henry: For the holiday I am going to Penang.  I am leaving on Tuesday.  I will play with my Jackson Storm toy.  On the last day of December I am coming back and then going to Hong Kong too.

Sunny: On the holidays I will go to Australia.  I am going to see my Grandma and Grandpa and I am going to see my sister’s little Sausage Dog, Russo.  I am also going to visit my friends.

Marina: On Friday night I am going to Malaysia and I think I am going to Penang. I am going with my sisters and my Mum and we are going to do Snorkeling.

Noah: On the holidays I am going back to America.  I am going to see my cousins and I will have some Gatorade.

Scarlett: Tomorrow I am going to Japan and after that I am going to Taiwan.

Rackie: I am going to Japan too.  I am going to have fun.

Joanna: I am going to see my Grandad’s farm

Chiu: I am going on a fun holiday.

Miss Hayley: On the holidays I am going to Thailand with my family.  We are visiting Hua Hin and Bangkok.  We are looking forward to swimming, enjoying the sunshine and good Thai food.

Invite – Parent Information Session on Inquiry Learning and the IB PYP Approach

Invite – Parent Information Session on Inquiry Learning and the IB PYP Approach

Dear Parents,

Your IB PYP Coordinators, Katriona Hoskins for Grades 1-5 and Carmen Murray for PN-KG, would like to invite you to a parent information session taking place on January 9th.   The session provides an insight into what learning through Inquiry means and what the advantages are to learning this way.  This session is open to all our PYP parents but is of particular interest to any families who are new to the IB PYP approach.

Please see the attached flyer for more details, which contains information in English, Chinese and Korean.

We very much look forward to seeing you there.

Parent Info Session Inquiry PYP 9.1.19-1ymdn4l

Home Learning Grid December – January

Home Learning Grid December – January

Hello Parents,

Please find attached the Home Learning Grid for Dec-Jan.  With all the holidays coming up, we hope the students have a nice break and rest, but these are some activities they may like to do over the break or in January when we return.

These were stuck into most students books, but some had not returned their book and the copy I sent home may have gotten lost.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great day.

Miss Hayley

Dec – Jan home learning grid-2i6esnc

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